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 Home of the CYBUG Robot Family!

SolarFly 2


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"New age robot kits and experiments!" 

Home of the CYBUG Living Robots, and the Vulcan Logic Trainer

Build and balance your own robotic ecosystem!


What's NEW and Exciting??

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We have a new Forum ( Thanks Cody! ) You can reach it at http://jcminventforum.20.forumer.com/ or from our sidebar!  Be sure to sign-up and join our new on-line community!

Our new kits are now ready to go, including the great SUMO SAM r i sumo wrestling robot and accompanying Sensei programming tool.  Hat's off to Evan Haklar for a bang-up job developing these exciting new pakages!  Also check out the totally re-designed Scarab 2 and SMARTI introductory kit.

CYBUG...  A living robot??
Sold worldwide, these little bio-critters let you dabble in creating robotic food chains, predators, herbivores, plants, and hive robots.  Most of these amazing kits need no programming or microprocessors!  Some run on sunlight!  Check it out!!
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bulletCYBUG Support
bulletCYBUG Central Hints and Tricks

SAM r i ...  Very cool introduction to competition robotics
Designed for the Western Canadian Robotics Society as a powerful but user friendly and easy to build sumo wrestling robot, the SAMrI is a great kit for learning about the principles of electronic fabrication, programming, and mechanical design. Comes with the amazingly easy to use SUMO Sensei programming tool
bulletSUMO SAM r i Robot Kit
bulletSUMO Sensei

Vulcan Trainer: Learn Digital Logic from a VULCAN!
Used by schools all over as an inexpensive but powerful tool for teaching digital logic, try the VULCAN Logic trainer and VIRTUAL VULCAN logic simulator... 
bulletVULCAN Trainer Products are over here...
bulletVirtual Vulcan free demo download! (0.9 Meg)
bulletSee our inexpensive Altera CPLD Programmer
bulletTry these interesting digital logic experiments
bulletAre you an Electronics Teacher?  Request a free sample!
bulletHere's an interesting 2nd semester logic course at SAIT: CMPH 200

Activities and FREE STUFF!
bulletFree CYBUG Activity Booklet.  (1.7Meg)
bulletBuild a robotic ecosystem at Cybug Central
bulletGet a FREE Chloroplast Circuit Board and build a powerful solar engine
bulletTry these digital logic experiments!
bulletTry this cool computer game using CYBUG's. A.I. Wars!
bulletDownload the FREE Virtual Vulcan Logic Simulator Demo (0.9 Meg)


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Pics - 3 Western Canadian Robot Games / Society
I'm very proud to have founded this event back in 1990, and the society in 2001!  One of the oldest in North America:  Visit it here!

About JCM inVentures...
Well, if I don't talk about us, no-one else will!  Click here!


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