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The CYBUG Flitterbug!

Seven Robot Kits in one!  Build your solar

powered robot in PLANT or ANIMAL mode.


Great Starter Kit!  Create your own robotic ZOO!

The Flitterbug represents the low end of the ecosystem totem-pole:  the single-cell robot which creates energy from light to power a small motor.  Once there, try directing that energy in a swimming, rolling, walking, shaking, or spinning robotic lifeform!

Take your flitterbug to a sunny place and watch your motor come to life!  Once you’ve got your fusion powered motor going, get out the hot glue, pipe cleaners, and imagination to create all kinds of robotic phytoplankton!


Learn about basic electronic components, fabrication, and solar power in this well designed kit!

Low Cost!

Only $29.50 CAD!




The Flitterbug Solar Design Kit is a fun to build electronics project for novice to advanced robot builders who are interested in creating their own cool robotic lifeforms. 


Instructions inside describe how to build several amazing robotic PLANTS and ANIMALS.









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