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JCM inVentures Inc.

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JCM InVenture InVentions! 

We produce two families of products:  The CYBUG robotics lifeforms, which include very popular educational robot kits, and the Vulcan Trainers and associated products, which provide solutions for teaching digital logic in colleges and universities.

Biologically Inspired CYBUG Robots  (BEAM)

Digital Logic Trainers, Microcontroller, and Altera CPLD Programmers

Biologically Inspired Tamiya Robot kits

Robotics supplies,  Motors, Gearboxes, Solar Cells, and Components


Have a look at our Catalog containing the CYBUG robotic lifeforms and our Catalog of Vulcan Digital Logic Trainers and other kits


CYBUG Living Robot Kits

Cybug Solarfly - This solar powered Cybug is easy to build and educational!

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Sumo SAM r I Robot Kit

Designed for the Western Canadian Robotics Society as a powerful but user friendly and easy to build sumo wrestling robot, the SAMrI is a great kit for learning about the principles of electronic fabrication, programming, and mechanical design.

Fully programmable and highly expandable.

Comes with and excellent manual detailing construction techniques and theory of operation AND an instructional video!


More Information Here!

Click here to download Sumo Sensei (7.1M )

Sumo Sensei

This application, free with the SAM r I,  is an all-in-one code generator, compiler, and downloader for your robot. 

The user can adjust the behavior of the robot using simple sliders, then generate an editable C code which may be adjusted, or downloaded straight into the robot using your computers parallel port.

( This program is also free for WCRS SAMbot builders )


free_3.gif - (5K)

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Cybug Scarab -

This Cybug kit is designed to behave and appear insect-like, and has full obstacle avoidance and reversing motors!

Completely Re-designed for 2006!

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Cybug Centipede

2 kits in one!!

Very cool 6-legged walker add-on for the Cybug Scarab!  Also includes instruction for building a seperate Cybug Cybermite RC robot!

( Walker kit may be purchased alone and used with included remote control )

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Cybug Scarab 2

Instinct Board!

Add more brainpower to your Scarab 2! This plug on addition to the scarab2 turns it into a herbivore, predator, and even works with the Centipede legs!  Powered by a Tiny24 microcontroller, it even includes ISP connectors so you can program it yourself!

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Learn Surface Mount Soldering…  It’s Easy!

The CYBUG Smarti uses the same cool technology found in todays electronics to make a funky flashy magnetic electro-guy.

Uses modern surface mount components which allow the builder to become familiar with SMT soldering techniques.

Very Cool behavior! Springy legs! Flashy Led eyes!

Instructional Video here!


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Cybug Flitterbug -

The Flitterbug represents the low end of the ecosystem totem-pole:  the single-cell robot which creates energy from light to power a small motor. 

The perfect kit to get girls involved in robotics.

Check out the Intro-Page!


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Cybug  Hornet-

This insecti-form robot is a cool advanced kit which teaches the builders the basics of soldering surface mount components while building a very cool biologically inspired solar powered robot.



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Cybug QueenAnt -

Experience robotic emergent behavior as your QueenAnt drone explores it's robotic environment!

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Cybug QueenAnt SolarWings - This modification to your QueenAnt allows it to run entirely from energy from the Sun! Click for more info!
Sunflower Power Plant - Harvest energy from the sun for feeding robots or charging batteries! Click for more info!
Cybug Scarab Hunger Module - The HBF-1 hunger instinct gives your Cybug herbivore behavior! Click for more info!
Cybug Scarab Predator Module - The HBF-2 predator instinct makes one Scarab the attacker and one Scarab the prey! Click for more info!

Chloroplast Solar Engine - Excellent solar engine with output voltage up to 9V!

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  VULCAN Digital Logic Trainers  
Vulcan Logic Trainer - The Vulcan digital logic trainer supports two powerful ways of designing digital systems: Hardware and Software Simulation! Click for more info!
Vulcan Debounce Board - Attach this board to your Vulcan Logic Trainer and provide your logic circuit four complimentary debounced outputs! Out Of Production
Altera CPLD Programmer - The Intro-FPGA is a simple an inexpensive development tool for the ALTERA Max 7000 series of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)! Out of Stock
Dual Motor Controller - This little circuit board enables a digital circuit or computer output to control a pair of powerful motors! Click for more info!
  Robot Resources  
Flexible Solar Cells - These powerful, rugged solar cells are great enhancements for the SolarFly, SunFlower or QueenAnt! Click for more info!

Spare Parts and Supplies!

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Planetary Gear Box Set

Very cool and educational planetary gearbox where users actually stack the gears and decide on any gear range from 4:1 to 400:1!  Runs on as low as 3 volts.

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Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox

Robust and powerful twin motor gearbox allows several gear ratio's ranging from 58:1 to 207:1 .  Perfect for Mini Sumo!

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Submarine Motor

Totally Submersible motor for your next underwater design! 

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Universal Gearbox

Very flexible inexpensive gearbox with horizontal or vertical shaft take-off and worm gear final drive option!

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Track and Wheel Set

Everything you need to create a dual tank-track robot. 

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  Biologically Inspired Tamiya Kits  

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For More Information, please contact....


Craig and Del Maynard

JCM InVentures ( Operating as JCM Electronic Services )

(403) 284-2876



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