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I really enjoy tinkering with robots, and over the years I have assembled quite a stable!  Here are a few of the robots I have either built myself or with friends!




This robot is a relatively successful four legged, 5 servo walker. I coin him "ecat" ( electronic cat ). It's resurrected from the rear axil's of two RC cars and can move forward, backward, and turn, but can also kick both of it's front legs inward and sit up and beg! If only I could get him to eat CYBUG's.  At present, he is controlled with a RC remote control, but with time, I would like to move his functions onto an embedded controller on E-cat himself.

Martian Rover

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A group of friends and myself cobbled this full size working rover for our local science center. 



Of course, I've got more CYBUG's running around my shop than I know what to do with!  The Scarab, SOLARFLY, Sunflower, QueenAnt, and all associated higher brain functions are are always scampering around somewhere.   Here is a shot of a couple of predator CYBUG SCARAB's  about to bounce on a Herbivore CYBUG SCARAB as it emerges from a feeding station. 

The predator CYBUG's are all slicked up with pipe-cleaner legs, and transparency wings ( on left ) and the Herbivore is lugging around a clear bubble with a bunch of solar cells attached to the inside.

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You can buy your own CYBUG kit's in our PRODUCT & SUPPORT page! 8-)


Terry the Traffic Light ( 1991 )

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Soccer Playing robot using 68HC11...


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