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  Introducing the exciting new SAM r I sumo robot kit!

Kit difficulty:  Intermediate only $ 79.95 CAD!




$ 79.95 CAD!  Including FREE Sumo Sensei program

PayPal shipping $8 first kit, $3 each additional same kit

Designed for the Western Canadian Robotics Society as a powerful but user friendly and easy to build sumo wrestling robot, the SAM r I is a great kit for learning about the principles of electronic fabrication, programming, and mechanical design. 

Out of the box, it is a great minisumo robot, but may be also used as a competition line follower, soccer bot, or custom programmed to do whatever you like!  It is immensely upgradeable and expandable.

The kit contains over 40 quality components!

The SAM r I ( Society Autonomous Minisumo Robot, Intelligent: pronounced SAMURI ) was designed at the outset to be easy to build, yet allow the builder to be involved in selecting gear ratios and building his/her own gearbox, bending and forming the metal chassis, soldering the circuit board, and customizing the robots own program.


A- Powerful, easy to use Atmel Mega8L processor

B- Provisions for Sharp GP2D02 or GP2D12 Rangefinder

C- Dual down facing reflective sensors

D- Optional 3 forward facing reflective sensors

E- Optional crystal to increase clock speed to 16MHz

F- Reset Button

G- Powerful 6AA battery pack (9V ).

H- On-off switch

I-   Convenient parallel port programming connector

J- L298 motor controller with up to 4A and 48V drive capacity

K-  Convenient prototyping area with power

L- Full access to all I/O ports

SUMO Sensei Application: No Programming Experience Necessary!

This application, free with the SAM r I,  is an all-in-one code generator, compiler, and downloader for your robot.  The user can adjust the behavior of the robot using simple sliders, then generate an editable C code which may be adjusted, or downloaded straight into the robot using your computers parallel port.

No special programming skills are required!

Click here to download Sumo Sensei (7.1M )

SAM r I  construction manual

Each kit comes with a detailed 24 page illustrated instructional manual, including theory of operation and suggestions for robot enhancements.

There is also an online video tutorial and soldering tutorial available to support the SAM r I from our site.


Please feel free to contact us at JCM InVentures Inc. if you have any questions concerning the SUMO SAM r I and Sensei.