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"Virtual Vulcan" Logic Simulator

Image of actual Vulcan Digital Logic Trainer with single breadboard.

"Virtual Vulcan" Digital Logic Simulator with Troubleshooting!



What is a Vulcan Logic Training Package?

The VULCAN digital logic trainer supports two powerful ways of designing digital, microcomputer and robotic systems: Hardware and Software Simulation. It's a great product for educational applications due to it's small size, low price, and portability!  With the increasing use of the internet and computers for training, the "Virtual Vulcan" software package makes this system a real winner for schools, universities, and colleges!

"VULCAN Trainer" Features:
bulletLightweight, Portable, Easy and fun to use.
bullet+5V regulated power supply with protection.
bulletLogic Probe ( High/Low/Open) for both TTL and CMOS circuits.
bulletAdjustable Clock Generator ( both frequency and duty cycle ).
bullet8 Buffered inputs displayed on Bar LED.
bullet8 Switched outputs.
bulletOptional 7 Segment Display.
bulletOptional Buzzer/Speaker output.
bulletUses 9V battery or optional 9vdc wall adapter.
bulletPre-cut wiring kit.
bulletStorage anti-static foam for components.
bulletIncluded detailed instructions and experiments.
bulletMounted in handsome and convenient three-ring binder which protects wiring and holds lab notes.
bulletExpandable breadboards allow system to grow with student requirements.

"Virtual Vulcan" Simulator Software Features:
bulletMatches all features of VULCAN exactly: an exact work-alike.
bulletSupports over 75 digital parts plus the useful L293 bi-directional motor controller.
bulletProvides instant block diagrams and pinouts for all supported integrated circuits.
bulletSupports a convenient and easy to use "logic probe" cursor function.
bulletAllows instructor or student to insert opens, shorts, stuck nodes, open sockets, or invisible wires into circuit for troubleshooting. All troubles may be saved to disk and are invisible to student.
bulletRANDOM fault generator lets the software place a fault somewhere in the circuit for the student to troubleshoot.
bulletExtensive on-line help with graphics for both "Virtual Vulcan" and hardware Vulcan.
bulletRuns on Windows 95, 98, NT, or Windows 2000.
bulletIdeal for electronic learning or distance education.
bulletComes on CD ROM with plenty of space for user-requested materials.
bulletFun to use

Multimedia Logic Simulator Software:

This free fully functional package adds multi-media razzle-dazzle to your logic designs!  Create your logic circuits and interface them to graphic shows, parallel port devices, or other computers on the internet!  A Must See!!

bulletEasy to use multi-media based logic simulator, showing working gates, counters, tape drives, displays, and dozens of other easy to use logic elements!
bulletThe MultiMedia Logic Simulator has introduced logic devices that connect directly to your computersí real devices (e.g. Keyboard, Screen, Serial Ports) including MultiMedia (PC speaker, Wave, Bitmaps).
bulletExcellent on-line help


We offer several pricing options for your logic training needs!  You can purchase the full package (see below), or the individual parts needed to build one yourself.

Option 1:  Bare circuit board and software ( Buy your own components )

    "Virtual Vulcan" logic simulator with Vulcan PCB and complete parts list with instruction!  You are responsible for locating and installing components on Vulcan.  Parts are readily available and inexpensive.

bullet1-9 units   $40 CDN  
bulletLarger Quantities?  Call!!

Mastercard / Visa  accepted

Option 2:  Vulcan Bundle ( built, tested, and mounted in binder.  Software included )

Full Package:

    "Virtual Vulcan" Software, "Multi-Media logic" software ( on CD ),  One panel breadboard, wiring kit, binder and with full documentation.  Experiments included on this webpage.   In stock now!



Vulcan Bundle


1-4 Units    $95.00 CDN  

Larger Quantities?  Call for educational discounts.



Fully populated and tested Vulcan circuit board


"Virtual Vulcan" Software


 "Multi-Media logic" software ( on CD )


One panel breadboard


Wiring kit




Full documentation.


 Experiments included on this webpage.   In stock now!

Mastercard / Visa  accepted


PayPal shipping in North America  $8 first kit, $3 each additional same kit





Vulcan Debounce Board






The Vulcan debounce board is an accessory which provides four complimentary (Q and Q') fully debounced outputs for your logic circuit.

Switch bounce is a dangerous phenomenon of the digital world, and can cause circuits to malfunction or act unpredictably.  Attach the board to your Vulcan Logic Trainer board and stabilize the outputs of your logic circuits!

Out of Production

Programmer for Altera CPLD

$25.00 CAD DIY Kit without Cable.  PCB, instrux & components only

$25.00 CAD DIY Cable only Kit.

Mastercard / Visa  accepted


The Intro-CPLD is a simple an inexpensive development tool for the ALTERA Max 7000 series of Comlex Programmable Gate Arrays (CPLD's). In conjunction with Altera's Windows design software (included), digital circuits that used to require dozens of chips can be quickly designed and tested.


Out of Stock!



Solderless Breadboard

Three breadboards, five power busses, four binding posts.  1890 tie points!

$25.00 CAD

Mastercard / Visa  accepted

Single Breadboard, 550 tie points

$8.00 CAD

Mastercard / Visa  accepted

Wiring Kit, 140 Pieces

$5.00 CAD

Mastercard / Visa  accepted